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Bedsheet Ghost 12 by The-Lionface Bedsheet Ghost 12 by The-Lionface
Ah now the story behind this costume is an interesting one, in my opinion :).  This was the costume I wore on the last night at the Sci-Fi Weekender, which was the SFX Weekender until Future Publishing pulled out.  The weekend was hit and miss, mostly miss, as the organisers Chic had absolutely no idea.  But anyway.

I had absolutely no money, and no idea for a costume before the weekend.  I found some old single bed sheets that I had no use for anymore, and just decided to cut a few holes in them and go as your common or garden ghost, the sort of costume you see children sporting on Halloween.  I also painted my face black underneath, to be a bit more ghoulish, and bought myself a bucket. And then the fun began :devil:

I had this whole demeanor worked out in a few minutes, I would hold the bucket up in front of me and skitter and bob and say 'Trick or treat!'.  I actually scared a few people which was really interesting, one woman even complained that I had scared her child (although this was costume night, and it was 9 o'clock, so its the stupid cow's fault really).  I even scared this one guy dressed up as Hitman, he was about six foot and quite broad, had the whole look down, but he ran and tried to cower behind his friends! That was very funny.  I also scared Manu Interaymi who was one of the celebrity guests, he played a borg child in Star Trek Voyager, I went up to him and he dashed for the toilets (of course I gave chase).  I did also enter into the costume judging, and apparently had calls to go up on the stage, but I was in a different building at the time doing a quiz :)

That was a fun night, although on the downside there were a bunch of jerks who I bumped into repeatedly (alas). One of them accosted me in the main hall when Craig Charles was doing his DJing bit and stuck his tongue down my throat (note; I was still dressed up, still had the black facepaint on, this guy had no idea what I looked like or anything).  Thankfully though I believe that he got a bit of a chill, as when we walked back he was prancing around outside without his shirt on.  It was March in Wales.

The hardest thing was trying to keep the holes in the right place. :)

Photographer is Null-Entity
Model is moi, duh.

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June 24, 2014
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